Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Street lamps flicker when they go out

Street lamps flicker when they go out. Sounds like the title to a murder thriller, doesn't it? In a way it is. This morning a street lamp went out as I was running under it. Not cleanly, it had to flicker as it went out. My brain instantly overloaded and I couldn't take another step. Had to call and wake the wife for a ride back home.

It's an amazing gift that I can run mile upon mile on the trails -- if only I can make it safely through our wee town. Sardonic grin.

Plus 1/2 mile.
Total miles: 137


  1. Hi there,

    Have you ever thought about wearing sunglasses and ear plugs when you know you will be in a situation that might cause you problems?

    I don't know if sunglasses would help at all, but I'm sure ear plugs would. I like the silicone type for sleeping.

    Also, how much of your running is barefoot?

    About Rolfing: Does he work on your feet, or does he keep it to bigger body parts?

    Keep up the good progress!

    Random Web Surfer

  2. Dear Anonymously Random,

    I'll answer your first to paragraphs in my next post, "Brain Injury and Controlling the Environment."

    Very little of my running is barefoot. I live at nearly 8000 feet and run in the early morning. For a variety of reasons I need Sunny and 60F to run barefoot, which rarely happens in the early morning outside of summer.

    Rolfing works any system you need. My feet actually haven't needed any work since I began running primal (minimalist). He's said they are among the healthiest feet he's ever seen.

  3. It's funny you should mention my confidence in my ear plug solution because as soon as I submitted my comment, I realized I chose my words poorly.

    I suffered from vertigo for about two weeks a couple years ago. If I put my head back so that my face was up to the sky, whether standing, sitting, or lying, the whole room would seemingly spin rapidly. After an episode, I was completely devoid of energy and was unable to focus on much of anything. It was no picnic and I told everyone who would listen that vertigo is no joke.

    Good luck with the decibel-reducing ear plugs!

    The same random dude as before (which I guess makes me less random, or maybe even not random at all anymore ;) )

  4. Och! Aye. That "submit" button is unforgiving. Grin.

    Sounds like you may have had inner-ear related vertigo? (most vertigo is inner-ear related). Mine is neurological, due to damage in the brainstem. It does make for a wild ride, aye? Sardonic grin.

    Thank you for sharing the journey with me.

  5. I could only get through the first couple of sentences of this post cuz i started crying. thank you. i'm gonna be saying that a lot. just for posting. but in some seemingly sick way, i also thank the gods that be that you got an mbti. you wouldn't be able to post and reach certain people without that injury. i am also thankful for mine for the same reasons. i treasure that special hell i survived and never want to repeat it.

  6. There is gift, somehow, in everything. While my brain injury exacts a high price, there is also gift in the way it helps me see the world. God had truely gifted me through the challenge, struggle, and suffering, and I pray he does you as well


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