Saturday, September 19, 2009

I want to Shoot the Moon!

Who can count their miles?
-- brain injury survivors
-- caregivers doing their miles with their survivor
-- loved ones doing their miles in memory of someone who died due to brain injury
-- miles you choose to dedicate to a survivor (we'll help you meet one if you'd like!)

That can include anyone, even you! So, if you're one of the above (and you are!), we'd love to have you join us in traveling 1.4 million human-powered miles! If you want to help in ways other than traveling human-powered miles, please prayerfully consider donating and/or helping us with our wish list.

Here's how to register:

1) use the comments section of this post to register. Include your name, your activities, and your personal goal.

2) We suggest a donation of $50 or more per participant. If you are a brain injury survivor or caregiver and that is a financial burden, we're happy to waive it!

3) if you want to blog about your experiences, you are welcome to become an author on this blog. Please email Deacon Patrick with a sample blog entry and I'll get you set up! Then you can start by posting an about you blog entry, and then tell about your journey as you take it, challenges, set-backs, successes, and more!

4) Track your miles. For now, please track your miles on your own, and post them to this blog if you have joined as an author. Once we have a milage tracking tool, we'll include directions here.

5) Consider sending out donation request emails to family and friends, letting them know what you're doing. Write your own, or use our template and change as you see fit.

6) Consider contacting press in your area to share with them how you are Shooting the Moon for Brain Injury. We'll have sample press releases and instructions posted in the near future.

That's it! You're now Shooting the Moon for Brain Injury!


  1. Deacon Patrick Jones. My goal is to hike, trail run, and trike the circumference of the globe: 24,902 miles. I began on September 18, 2009.

  2. Our two oldest daughters (6 and 8) are counting their miles toward traveling the Oregon Trail. You can follow their progress on my log.

  3. Hi Patrick!,
    I finally got a GPS a few weeks ago and have been logging my mileage. My total so far is 41 and about 1/2 of that has been barefoot. I just made a donation as well.

    I have to admit that I don't have a goal. At this point I just want to run often enough to get over the calf soreness so prevalent among new barefoot/forefoot runners. I have aspirations for much longer runs next summer, but for the winter, I am just trying to stay in shape. I think my mileage will also include skate skiing miles after the season starts.

    I am keeping track of my miles in memory of two people, my mother and my father in-law. My mother died in 2002 of a brain tumor which she struggled with for 18 months after diagnosis. During that time my family watched, pretty much helpless, as she slowly lost the ability to speak, feed, or care for herself.

    My father in-law died in 2005 after several years of living with brain damage as the result of slipping on ice. During that time, he rarely recognized his family, his conversations were rambling, and he required constant care. I never knew him before his accident.

    I will pass the word along and refer others to your blog and will post back weekly or so with my mileage.

    Good luck!

  4. Wonderful, Evan! Thank you. I've added your 41 miles, and will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers on my runs.


  5. Hi Patrick, wow, did I say I would check in weekly? Hmmm. Well, anyway, you can add in another 464 miles.
    Take care,


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