Thursday, September 24, 2009

Email your friends and family to spread the word

Dear Family and Friends,

I am Shooting the Moon for Brain Injury and I'd love your support! Did you know that every 22 seconds someone in America gets a brain injury? That totals 1.4 million people in America every year. Yet brain injury is one of the least known and least understood injuries.

Shoot the Moon for Brain Injury seeks to change that! You can help, and it's easy.

Shoot the Moon for Brain Injury has a very simple goal: people collectively traveling 1.4 million human-powered miles to raise $100 million for brain injury research and rehabilitation.

You likely already exercise. If so, you can count your miles! Please see to learn how to contribute your walking, running, hiking, cycling, or wheel chair miles and help us reach our milage and fundraising goals!

Your generous donation of miles and money is wondrously welcome! $5, 10, 50, 100, 500 or a per mile donation makes a tremendous difference. Here's the link to donate (tax deductible)

(Many people wisely don't forward emails -- but this one can change lives. Will you please forward it with abandon?)

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