Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How this all began...

Even since I became disabled due to brain injury at the end of 2002, I've wanted to do some sort of trek to raise awareness and money for brain injury. The challenge is that even shorter treks I've attempted get thwarted by the realities of my life with my bludgeoned brain (I've had 8+ concussions since I was 12). All the normal challenges aside -- how was I to accomplish hiking the Appalachian Trail or cycling or running across America when any sudden loud noise could end my ability to travel for days on end? As it is, I sometimes have to call my wife to come pick me up -- because I get "short circuited" by wind-chimes, or construction trucks just trying to make it through our small town of 700 year-round residents.

Then it dawned on me (on the trail, of course!). I'll do the distance from right here -- where I have the greatest chance of things working. And why just do this myself? Others might really like a way to contribute to the vision of better rehabilitation and research for brain injury.

That all naturally led to the idea of a group of people pooling their human-powered miles to achieve something never done before -- 1.4 million miles representing the 1.4 million Americans who sustain a brain injury every year.

Life with brain injury is a lot like shooting the moon, so that seemed the perfect name for this ambitious endeavour. I'd love to shoot the moon with you!

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