Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's this all about?

Our vision: brain injury survivors traveling 1.4 million human-powered miles to raise $100 million for brain injury research and rehabilitation through Mind Your Head.

Human Powered Miles?
Yup. walking, hiking, running, cycling, wheel chairing, swimming, and perhaps a few I don't know of yet.

1.4 Million Miles?
Absolutely. Every year in the United States, 1.4 million people receive a brain injury. That's 6 times more people effected by brain injury each year than MS, spinal cord injury, HIV/AIDS, and breast cancer combined -- which is why brain injury is often referred to as the "silent epidemic."

$100 Million? How will it be used?
Yes, $100 million is an ambitious goal. Big challenges require ambitious endeavors. We want to ensure that it all goes to fund research and innovative rehabilitation techniques for brain injury. Patrick Jones is in the process of founding Mind Your Head, a non-profit for this specific purpose. All money raised will benefit brain injured through Mind Your Head.

How Long Will 1.4 Million Miles Take?
We don't know. Patrick's motto for life with brain injury is "as fast as we can, as slow as we must." Because of variable brain fatigue (where the brain's energy bank is at zero-ballance), we often don't know how we'll be doing on any given day. Some days I'm able to hike for miles, while other days my brain is recovering from something overwhelming it and I struggle to get to the bathroom. We've intentionally not set a time line for reaching 1.4 million miles because that's how life with brain injury is. We get there as fast as we can and as slow as we must.

I'm Brain Injured and Want to Include My Human Powered Miles!
Wonderful! I look forward to journeying with you, completely separate. And isn't that how we experience life with brain injury? We can support each other, yet we travel our own road with our own unique challenges because brain injury effects us each so differently.
Sign up here.

I Want To Donate!
Fantastic! Here's how...

Are There Other Ways I can Help?
You Bet! We have a variety of needs and are always open to ideas. Please see our wish list.


  1. I read the article about your usage of Evernote. It would be helpful to me and others if you could write a couple of posts on _how_ you use evernote.

    Thanks much!

  2. The Evernote article

    is rather complete in describing how I use Evernote. If you have specific questions, I'm happy to answer what I can.

  3. A few minutes before receiving the email from Evernote with your story, I was reading up on TBI. I am having neuropsychological testing Tomorrow morning. How's that for timing?!

    Your motto is perfect!
    "as fast as we can, as slow as we must"
    An excellent reminder for frustrating times.

    Thank you.


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