Monday, January 4, 2010

Where's Waldo?

Waldo Canyon is a highly popular trail with a trail head 6 miles from where I live. Today I played around on a connecting trail to it's upper reaches, so I didn't need to go on Highway 24 to get to it. Out of Cascade the trail winds around in the yucca and pinion pine as it works it's way to higher climes and more alpine vegetation. Incredible views of Pikes Peak -- it's amazing how different it looks from a vantage point of just a few miles difference.

Of course, this quality of often looking like a different mountain was one the Ute people loved as it confused people unfamiliar with it.

On the way back, along the backroad in Chipita Park, the smell of a skunk who sprayed ended me. A hearty thanks to Bob for hauling the rocks in my head (and the rest of me) home!

Plus 14 miles
Total Milage: 385.8

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