Saturday, December 26, 2009

All Down Hill From Here

Rock formations in Red Rock's Canyon, adjacent to Garden of the Gods.

Today was an experiment to see several things.

First, do my new ear plugs allow me to run on a fairly busy road (if any road can be considered busy at 5am)? Answer: Yes.

Second, how do I do running along a fairly busy road? Answer: not nearly as well as on a trail. Yes, the noise. Yes I have to be constantly aware of traffic. But more than that, car exhaust gets to me. My brain is sensitive to a all types of sensory input and smell of exhaust is bad. This got me in particular as I approached Manitou, where some sort of inversion seems fairly common.

Conclusion: I really have no desire to continue running on any but the small back road to Cascade from Green Mountain Falls. For Christmas, I got a new pair of stretchy Stableicers that seem to work with my primal mocs (not constricting my foot, as do the other similar traction tools. Hopefully I can run the trails more now with these, as I'm really hankering for a good trail rather than road.

Plus 13.5 miles
Total Milage: 336.3

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