Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Runner

The colors of winter pre-dawn are amazing. glowing purplish, pinkish, and red. With winter hue that's hard to describe, but only present when it's cold. Crisp, clear, yet muted glowing dusty all together.

It's wondrously fun (play with abandon kind of fun) to run feeling the different textures of snow through the thin leather soles of my primal mocs. From powder then "melts" straight through to the ground below, to the crusty surface of wind-blown snow that crumples and caves to powder below, to trafic packed snow and lumpy foot packed snow, and slick packed snow. Delecious, triamphant fun at 2F with mighty winds! Grin.

Plus 3.2 miles
Total milage: 265.6

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