Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gadzooks! An Evening Run!

I most generally run in the morning, often starting long before sunrise. Why? Because that's my best time of day. It appears Buteyko breathing may be changing that, at least occasionally. I just got back from an evening run through the last of twilight, arriving back at the time I typically go to bed. Not sure what this will do to tomorrow.

As for the breathing. I continue to progress. I've discovered that when I push my speed, or am climbing a hill, I need to mouth breath. It's a bit like having a high gear. It has vastly helped me transition back to normal, shallow, spaced nose breaths upon my return (apparently living at 8,000 feet makes this more necessary than at sea level). After multiple days of cleansing, a day like today is a wondrous gift and I'm hopefully it's a strong sign of what's to come as my body become completely used to having the maximum amount of accessible oxygen possible.

Plus 12.4 miles
Total mileage 469.9

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