Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fifty First Viewings of Fifty First Dates

I just finished watching "Fifty First Dates," according to my wife for about the fiftieth first time. For many it's likely a cute movie, using the story device of memory loss for comedy. It is that. But it's also not so far off. There are several places in it, where Lucy is discovering the extent of her injury and of her life, that her raw emotion matches aspects of my own journey.

I don't have short term memory either. I don't remember experiencing things. For me it fades after a few days. I do have conceptual memory and a wide variety of other types of memory that I use to help compensate, including my computer and EverNote. while she discovers she has a daughter, I know I have three daughters (I can even sometimes remember their names!), but I've no idea how old they are. I don't know if I'll come around the corner and see them with play dough, a boyfriend, or a husband. It does add some adventure to the most mundane trip through the house! Grin.

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