Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thank God for Brain Backup!

Sometimes things happen that just make you scratch your head, say "Huh", and be amazed that God is God.

The night before last (the morning of Friday the 13th -- do, do, do-do!) I discovered that my dreams can "short circuit me, which has never happened before. I dreamt I was turning on a light and the outlet jolted me with a surge of electricity. My brain literally and figuratively short circuited, both in dreamland and when I woke. I didn't think much of it, and struggled to get up and experience what I could of the day.

When I got to my computer I discovered it could not boot, though it worked just fine the night before. It needed a complete reformatting and reinstall of the Mac OS. Thank God for seamless backup from Apple! They made it easy for me to restore my external brain in a matter of hours.

Nothing else in our house was fried, the computer is on a surge protector that wasn't tripped. I've no idea what happened and it may be a coincidence -- but I tend to go with Anonymous who said "Coincidence is God choosing to work anonymously."

Still having mostly hard days. Perhaps I need a break from the hyperbaric chamber (and shocking dreams. Sardonic grin). Will run when I can, but that's not today.

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  1. Interesting how you view your computer as an extension of your brain. I have the same view also. My computer serves me as a memory bank. It is like an elephant as it never forgets, with the caveat that it is a machine that can break down. Last spring my hard drive hiccuped and I had to reformat. Fortunately I lost only a few recent photos and ten year's worth of collected miscellaneous text files. the rest of my photos and files were backed up on an external hard drive and CDs.

    Recently I looked at my TBI bro's computer. Like his scrambled brains, his desktop is a plethoria of icons and his files are not organized in a logical manner....


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