Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Idea Why, Just Having Brain Fatigue Days

Part of the gift of living with brain injury is the realization (which I suspect is true for all of us) that I only have now. Any plans I may make are utterly contingent on my capacity to advance them, and when I can't they have to be flexible enough to go on 'pause.'

Every winter in the past I've had a "down swing" -- an extended period with fewer "good" days and more "hard" days. I hope this isn't the beginning of that -- I'm hoping that my following the blood type diet has leveled off some of those issues. Time will tell. In the mean time, I get to veg in the "hobbit hole" (my room/office we've sound proofed and where my computer is).

On the plus side, my youngest daughter of 6 weeks is now big enough to short-circuit me! I was trying to hum her to sleep, keeping my head on hers, but she was determined to stay a awake. To proove her point, she suddenly and strongly straightened her legs, unexpectedly moving my head and playing bonkers with my vertigo. Ahhhh -- they grow so fast! Grin.

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